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ID mark will help protect Alaskans from drunk drivers


May 12, 2007

JUNEAU ­ Rep. Harry Crawford's (D-Anchorage) bill to reduce drunk driving deaths and injuries was today added to an omnibus crime bill by the Senate Judiciary Committee. HB 14, sponsored by Crawford, would require an identifying mark to be placed on the driver's license or state-issued ID card of convicted drunk drivers under orders not to drink as part of a sentence or as a condition of probation or parole.
"We are working to keep Alaskan families safe from drunk drivers," Crawford said. "This law will prevent carnage caused by drunk drivers by stopping repeat offenders from buying alcohol."
In addition to incorporating Crawford's proposal to combat drunk driving, the Senate Judiciary Committee added provisions to HB 90 to strengthen laws against child prostitution, increase the statute of limitations on kidnapping, and enhance Alaska's DNA registry system.
Crawford's proposal was unanimously approved by the House of Representatives prior to being rolled into HB 90. The crime package now awaits a hearing by the Senate Finance Committee before it will be considered for a full vote of the Senate.


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