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Top Ten Reasons To Live In Ketchikan
By Loren Stanton


May 31, 2007

Top Ten Reasons for someone to live in Ketchikan:

10. Everyone tells the truth all the time.
9. Wanting to build a "bridge to nowhere" is what we are most famous for.
8. We have covered turf playing fields for soccer and baseball.
7. Citizens always respect each other.
6. No one in town ever fixates on the past.
5. Everyone in town is interested in the economic well being of others.
4. There is no domestic violence.
3. Excessive consumption of alcohol is not a problem.
2. School Board members never flip off teachers

and the number one reason to live in Ketchikan... It never rains!

Loren Stanton
Ketchikan, AK

Received May 30, 2007 - Published May 31, 2007

About: "At age 47 Loren Stanton has seen much of the world and has explored it on his terms enjoying each experience as it unfolded. Born in Ketchikan and developed all over the world Loren would just ask for people to think outside the box and try not polarize the community every time an issue comes up."



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