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A Waste Of Time and Money
By Ken Levy


May 31, 2007

George Walker Bush will go down in American history as the worst President in modern times for many reasons that will be written about for years to come.The Iraq war will be his centerpiece of total waste.

After 911 he blamed a country who had nothing to do with the attack and lied to the American about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction when the real man was Bin Laden and he knew it.

Yesterday I could not help but think about all the brave dead American soldiers and all the brave wounded American soldiers who have given everything for this war.

The Middle East is a vast wasteland of many wars that have been fought over thousands of years with no one winning.The 10 year war between Iraq and Iran was a perfect example.

America has so many problems at home and yet we are spending billions in Iraq in a country that will never be free.If the Roman Empire gave up thousands of years ago,why are we still there?

I pray that the next President will end the slaughter and worry about Americans first in our own backyard.

We need to fix our Schools,re build our Bridges,and Roads,and Re Build New Orleans,a City that was and still is a mess from Katrina.

The American people agree with Bush's approval rating at 30% this morning,maybe letters to Congress will help bring this waste to an end sooner.

The problem is that Congress can't over ride a veto from Bush,they don;t have the votes.

So until he is gone in January 2009 American blood and money will be spent in a vast wasteland called the Middle East.

Ken Levy
Ketchikan, AK

Received May 31, 2007 - Published May 31, 2007



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