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By Charles Edwardson


May 31, 2007

Judging from the response, a lot of people read Sitnews. I will continue to write, and attend city council meetings or what ever I have time for, to oppose regulating private enterprise in any way - referring specifically to the jewelry store assault.

I do not deny I have a vested interest in this subject. 45 percent of my business is effected directly by the tourist industry. subsequently the five employees I have, the subcontractors I use, and the supply stores I use are effected as well.

The money that I pay each of these individuals affects this community as well. I hire all locals, subcontractors and their employees are all local, and the materials I get from, KETCHIKAN READY MIX, MADISON LUMBER,WESTSIDE CHEVRON, NAPA, FIRST CITY ELECTRIC,TALBOTS, KETCHIKAN WELDING, TYLER RENTAL,TIMBER AND MARINE, SCHMOLCK MECHANICAL, KETCHIKAN MECHANICAL, DIG IT CONSTRUCTION, WAL-MART, CHANNEL ELECTRIC, TONGASS DOCK STORE, AND NOT TO FORGET MY FAVORITE THE " PIONEER CAFE" where I bring many of my crew and subcontractors to in an effort to butter them up with a country breakfast to push a little harder to meet a deadline. If that does not work then STEAMERS OR ANNABELLES seems to work, a steak and a cold beer sometimes has a better affect on the more experienced crew. This is to name just a few businesses that enjoy the trickle down affect from just one guy with a small contracting company. How many of your kids (Ketchikan citizens) work in a tourist related industry?? I see many, many kids downtown after school, including three of my daughters, two who work side by side in the Mining Company and go over to get coffee from their sister at the Salmon Landing. I think that is cool.

My point is, we all are benefiting off of this industry we better embrace it or lose it. Again I will challenge any citizen who signs this petition to limit private enterprise to step up to the plate and find a better solution. I do not have one, so as the fishing industry, and logging industry has depleted - in which I worked in both - we have to adapt to our surroundings if we are to stay in the city we love. Do what has to be done with what is put in front of us.

By the way, many fisherman and loggers I worked with that helped build this community only were here for the season, and I know many (LOCALS) WHO SPEND MORE TIME IN PALM SPRINGS AND MAUI THAN THEY DO IN KETCHIKAN. I INTEND TO DO THE SAME WHEN I HAVE EARNED THAT RIGHT. LIKE THE LAND OWNERS WHO I KNOW WHO SPEND MOSTLY THE SPRING AND SUMMER HERE AND LEAVE WHEN IT GETS DARK AND COLD. I will be as seasonal as the guys we want to persecute. Will I be next when I become a SNOWBIRD after I have made a life here for me and my family?

Charles Edwardson
Ketchikan, AK

Received May 29, 2007 - Published May 31, 2007


About: "Lifelong Ketchikan resident, former commercial fisherman, laborer, truckdriver, canneryworker, pulpmill worker."



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