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Fuel prices in Ketchikan
By Marlene Thibert


May 28, 2007
Monday PM

In response to the letter concerning fuel prices in Ketchikan, my daughter lives and works at a fuel station in your beautiful town. She e-mailed this site to me in dismay that a local would feel this way of another LOCAL that has held a business on the rock for 40 yrs. The monies that get spent at your Chevron station at least it stays in your community. The owner does not open for 5 months then close for the rest of the year. Did I mention the money stays in your community?

I too at one point felt as if the owners of fuel stations in general had been gouging citizens. My daughter corrected me on that. She sat with me and explained to me that due to the fact that everything is either barged or flown to Ketchikan, prices on everything are higher. The comment with prices changing everyday, if you look into the law, if a business is within so many miles of one another they MUST stay in competitive prices with one another.

I live in Homer, AK. Our fuel price here runs about $ 3.459, I drive a SUV -- imagine my fill up. The news of south prices that you heard are incorrect. If you had truly done your homework before your uncalled for finger pointing, Chevron in Northgate Seattle fuel price is $3.359 per gallon, at Bodimer's grocery in Ohio the price is the same. Let's go a bit further south to Palm Springs, California where the price is $ 3.659.

I would suggest approaching the owner of Chevron in a different manner. I have visited my daughter in your fair town and I have spoke with the owner and he was not defensive as you state him to be. The owner and employees had been just the opposite.

Marlene Thibert
Homer, AK

Received May 28, 2007 - Published May 28, 2007

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