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Disability access issues
By Kevin Gadsey


May 28, 2007
Monday PM

Dear Editor,

This letter is written in addition to Liz Lybrand's letter to SITNews on Thursday regarding wheelchair sidewalk access. Lybrand noted several places where she experiences difficulty in her wheelchair and shared that she had contacted city officials with the same information. She asked if something can be done now to solve these issues.

From my own experience as an advocate for accessibility, I know that a lot can be accomplished if we all work together in a solution-oriented, patient atmosphere. So far, city officials have shown a willingness to improve accessibility in Ketchikan.

Mayor Weinstein stopped me on the sidewalk two months ago and let me know that he'd like me to let him know of any access issues, under my "hat" as a representative of SAIL. This impressed me deeply.

When Jessi Chapman testified before the City Council on May 17 about accessibility, every Councilmember responded positively, wanting to find solutions. Even now, residents with disabilities are reporting that they have noticed repairs of a few sidewalks just this week.

So I'm excited about the possibility of seeing improved access for all people here in Ketchikan, from persons with disabilities to mothers pushing strollers. Thanks to the city officials for hearing and responding quickly to the needs of the citizens!


Kevin Gadsey
Ketchikan, AK

Received May 27, 2007 - Published May 28, 2007

About: " A scooter wheelchair user, Kevin Gadsey recently relocated to Ketchikan after 2.5 years in Juneau where he served on the CBJ ADA Committee. He works as an Independent Living Specialist for Southeast Alaska Independent Living."


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