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Memorial Day
By Sen. Ted Stevens


May 26, 2007

For more than 230 years, our armed services have fought to protect our nation, preserve our way of life, and spread freedom throughout the world. Thousands have fallen in pursuit of peace. On Memorial Day, we pay tribute to all who have served, particularly those who made the ultimate sacrifice for all of us.

In commemoration of the Civil War's terrible toll, Memorial Day was first observed in 1868. As a veteran of World War II, on this special day I am reminded of my comrades who served with me. Many lost their lives during that dark period in our history, and few are still alive.

As our nation faces new threats, a new generation, all volunteers, ensures our continued safety. Let us all add even greater meaning to this day by remembering them wherever they are.

The willingness of our military to volunteer to give everything - to pay any price - to defend this nation at home and abroad has been constant in our history. On Memorial Day, Americans come together in remembrance of these brave men and women.

We celebrate their service, we cherish their memory, and, as General George Patton once reminded us, we thank God they ever lived.

Received May 25, 2007 - Published May 26, 2007



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