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Jewelry Store Limitations
By Neil Gray


May 26, 2007

What if all those jewelry stores were men's or women's clothing stores? Would the fight to limit them as well be started?

I worked with Ketchikan's jewelry stores in the 70's and 80's on their advertising budgets when at KTKN. I still consider their owners or past owners my friends. So, with the loss of fishing and timber money jewelry stores surfaced. At least somebody found a niche to work with.

I still go by my fomrer KTKN employers theory on complaints. If you have a complaint, and don't like what's happening, DON'T complain unless you have a viable solution. Thank You, Chuck Jensen for that thought.

Like they say, if you eradicate jewelry stores, what replaces them? Think out this little problem before yuu act. There's also a factor called free enterprise.

One last comment (this time). Too many tourists? Good grief. Enjoy them. You'll be a tourist somewhere, sometime, and the locals there will complain about YOU. Mingle, talke with them, and enjoy the moment....


Neil Gray
Lakeside, CA

Received May 25, 2007 - Published May 26, 2007

About: "Former 20+ year resident of Ketchikan. Still like to call it my adopted home town."




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