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Gas Prices....possible solution
By Michael Branco


May 26, 2007

I understand the levity of the gas situation here in Ketchikan. Here is just a helpful suggestion; through my investigations I found that a person with a four wheel drive SUV will spend an average $.45 per mile. Now what this price factors in is not only the cost of gas, but insurance, vehicle maintenance, taxes, registration, etc It factored in just about everything. I forgot to mention that the figure above is if you owned the car out right. So it does not factor in the financing costs of a car. So let's do a little math and let's just say on average you drive 10,000 miles in a year - that equals $4,500 dollars a year. So it can be said that owning a car is a rather costly thing. If you are curious about your true cost of driving check this web site out.

Now here is my small two cents, it might be a little bias considering my current position but hey I can tell you that there are many benefits to using the bus. There are many stops all along Tongass, all three lines stop along Tongass within the means of a one hour time frame you have the chance to Ketch-a-Ride in any direction. Are service area has increased as of right know we go out to Mud Bight and to Fawn Mountain. Increased service, safe and a timely ride are some of the benefits of the bus service. Let's do a little comparison, so let's just say that it is costing you $4,500 a year for a car. If you are riding a bus for a year, and you buy an unlimited pass every month your total cost for the year would be $300. The majority of people in Ketchikan spend more than that a year on gas alone. Here is the spot where you are thinking... but the bus is inconvenient, or the bus stop is too far away, or the bus can't get me to where I want to go in a timely fashion. I will not argue these points, yes at times it can be inconvenient, or it can't get you to where you want to go exactly, but with savings anywhere from $300-$4,100 dollars a year I think some people would sacrifice a little convenience. I understand the freedom that comes with driving but if you are in a tight budget this may be the way to go. I m not a person to take people's freedoms away like the freedom to pick up and drive from point to point, but I can't argue with the savings it presents.

Lately there has been the push in main stream society to reduce carbon emissions, I'm will be the first to admit that I'm not a "greeney" but if people start wanting to be self aware of the impact they put on the environment, the first step could be riding the public bus. It would most assuredly reduce the carbon emissions.

So whether it is helping out the environment or helping out your pocket book, public transit is here to help out the public so take advantage of your local transportation provider. So this is the spot where I throw out where you can get the info, etc. Here is the web site . It contains the rider information like the routes, timetables, and cost information. You can also call the transit office if you have any questions at 225-TRAN (225-8726)

Michael Branco
Ketchikan, AK

Received May 25, 2007 - Published May 26, 2007

About: "I'm a new person to Alaska I have been living in Ketchikan for three years, and plan to call Ketchikan my home for years to come. Im currently the Transportation Supervisor for the Borough, I have been working in the transportation industry for 1 1/2 years."



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