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Newtown Gets the Shaft
By Bobbie McCreary


May 26, 2007

No! not the SHAFT, but the TRAFFIC! IF Newtown does not become side by side jewelery stores, it can have something to attract tourists to come through the tunnel and enjoy what they find. I believe this is well on the way to happening. The promenade, plans for outdoor art, a mixed use development at the Waterfront Storage site...and yes, Tom, the work you are doing in your building...IF others follow your lead.

Can we allow the theory of supply/demand to create the answer? Perhaps...and we have a lot of empty stores downtown...

I'm just asking for a continued, concerted effort to look for long term solutions...and work towards creating Newtown as a Destination for visitors to our community--let's not miss this opportunity to capitalize on the uniqueness of the area.

Bobbie McCreary
Ketchikan, AK

About: A supporter of making Ketchikan a place that people want to come back to! Visitor for 20 years, property owner for 10.

Received May 25, 2007 - Published May 26, 2007

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