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Memorial Day
By Anita Hales


May 26, 2007

In the early days of our nation, things were volatile and shaky. We were constantly endangered by Moorish pirates when we tried to establish trade with Europe because we had no Navy to protect our trade interests.
The French engaged privateers to block trade in the Caribbean.

Even with this dire threat to our very existence as a nation, some members of congress did not want to invest in a Navy.

They thought a ground military was sufficient to protect our frontier.

Alexander Hamilton was responsible for pushing through funding for the first 6 frigates to protect American interests.

Those first ships and their innovative captains kicked the butts of the pirates and privateers that blocked our merchant ships and took their crews as slaves.

With a little muscle to stand behind our words, we were able to negotiate treaties and get our crews returned as well as establish a sound world trade. It was the first time we became a military force the world began to notice.

Since that time, our military has always been there to provide muscle when words were not enough.

My ancestors have fought in almost every major war and engagement since the revolutionary war.

My father fought in the battle of the Bulge during WW II to free Europe from fascist tyranny. My grandfather died as a result of mustard gas from WWI. My great-great grandfather fought in the Civil War and was severely wounded defending freedom and equality.

My spouse served in the Coast Guard during Vietnam.

Now our military men and women serve all over the world not only to protect American interests but to help others be free of despotism and oppression.

I honor all past and present service men and women. We owe them our peace and freedom.

It is through them that I can stand without hesitation and say that I am not only Alaskan but American.

I have no shame in any of our efforts to protect those who can't protect themselves and free those who can't free themselves.

I love America and what it represents and honor those who keep it free.

God bless our soldiers. Thank you. Thank you.

Anita Hales
Ketchikan, AK

Received May 26, 2007 - Published May 26, 2007

About: "40 + years Alaskan. 12th Generation American."



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