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What's up with the gas prices?
By Jerilyn Lester


May 24, 2007

I looked at the long list of comments and letters for and against the jewelry stores in downtown. Not one of them addressed the fact that the gas stations are gouging us into walking. I drive by the stations everyday and there seems not to be a day that I don't see a different price. When I moved here in 1983 the stations used to raise and lower the price only when they received a load of gas. Now I know that we as citizens of this fair city have not used enough gas to warrant the owners of any of the stations to have to purchase gas every day of the week and sometimes it has been 2 and 3 times a day.

When I asked the owner of the Chevron station about this he got defensive and his only comment to me was "Have you seen the prices down south? You haven't looked at the news lately." Then he asked me if he would rather there be a $.50 raise in one day. I couldn't believe my ears! The fact that living in Alaska on an island isn't enough that we have to pay more for most things, now the owners of the gas stations won't be happy until we are paying more per gallon for gas than anyone does down south. I think they are just plain greedy and want to gouge us. The average price per gallon down south is $3.24 according to the news this morning. So why do I go by the station and find that we are paying $3.47 per gallon. They say it is seasonal but the only ones they gouge are the locals because most of the tourists all come up on a cruise ship and they don't buy gas. So the tour operators and the local people are the ones that are getting crapped on by the station owners. I called to complain to Safeway and they have not given me an answer as to why they raise their prices every day either. But it is just plain gouging.

Jerilyn Lester
Thursday PM

Received May 23, 2007 - Published May 24, 2007

About: "24 year resident, taxpayer and driver,soon to be a walker."



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