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Superintendent Failed District Report Card
By Brenda Loughman


May 22, 2007

Karen Eakes and Choc Schafer have told the public that some of their reasons for dismissal of Superintendent Martin included repeatedly providing the School Board and the public with misinformation, and that his reports were often inaccurate.

At the Board meeting of May 7, 2007 interim Superintendent Larry Eklund informed the Board and public that the District's Annual Report Card to the State of Alaska was incomplete. This report is the responsibility of the superintendent. This was an important part of Mr. Martin's job that is mandated by No Child Left Behind, (NCLB) and effects District funding. In the State's review of our District Report Card it was stated that the District would lose Title 1 funding if the reporting deficiencies were not rectified. In the District's annual financial report for 2005/2006, this amount was $859,395.

Mr. Martin failed to comply with five out of the eleven elements required by NCLB and the State. Examples of how to correctly fill out this form can be found at the State's website. Following are the 5/11 items that were deficient:

  • States whether our District has met adequate yearly progress;
  • lists student academic proficiency levels on state assessments disaggregated by subgroup;
  • lists percent of students not tested (or tested) by each subgroup;
  • compares the academic achievement of students in our District with students in the State and
  • provides most recent 2-year trend in student achievement in each subject area and grade level tested.

Thank goodness we have school board members with the courage to do their jobs and look out for our District.

Brenda Loughman
Ketchikan, AK

Received May 22, 2007 - Published May 22, 2007

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