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"Mickey Mouse and Eisenhower"
By Bob Harmon


May 22, 2007

In my many years teaching in intermediate schools I often would ask students in their young teen years a question only to have them write a great answer but not a responsive answer to what was asked. Jos. Gus Govaars does this in his answer to Mr Neckameyer's complaint about Hammas using a Mickey Mouse character to encourage children to kill Americans. It wasn't about copyrights! It was about encouraging 9/11 style murder.

Mr Neckameyer's point was that we have the right to stop by any means people training and encouraging the murder of Americans. The alternative is to have some of us murdered and even the deranged suicide murderer gets killed often in the process. It was about the right of self defense. Mr Govaars says it would be easier got him to travel safely if the US did not defend itself??? Too bad for him and his travel plans! I don't want my kids and grandkids murdered in the future by young Islamic children being fed perversions of their great religion today. Stop the teachers of violence and hate now.

He also criticizes Mark Neckameyer for writing to a "small town newspaper" from California. From what I have read in Sitnews, Mark Neckameyer is already a part time or vacation time resident of Alaska who plans to live here most of his time when he retires. This is exactly what I did; I came here Summers, retired and moved here permanently. And Sitnews is not a "small town" anything but contains world and US news meant to be read by all kinds of people including sophisticated people who have a historical and world view like my retired teacher/professor wife and yours truly! And what is so bad about Dwight Eisenhower? If not for him, Mr. Govaars might likely be writing his letters IN GERMAN!

Bob Harmon
Juneau, AK

Received May 21, 2007 - Published May 22, 2007

About: Retired teacher.


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