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By Amy Serjeant


May 16, 2007
Wednesday PM

When I am on the Sitnews' website, I always click through all of the classifieds categories to see if there is anything I can't do without, or perhaps if someone is needing an item I am able to part with. While doing so, I frequently see listings in the "Pets" section from people who are wanting to open their homes to a new cat or dog. Many times these people are not picky about the animal's breed, age, or sex, which is wonderful.

I wanted to publish this letter to encourage those who fall into that category to PLEASE CHECK THE ANIMAL SHELTER FIRST. By doing so, you can save the life of an animal who does not have a family to give them the love and attention they deserve. The animal shelter ensures that all pets adopted from there are "fixed", either previously or at the time of adoption, which helps reduce the problem of homeless, unwanted animals. Also, there are almost always older cats and dogs which are always past the "hard parts" (litter box training, house training, shoe chewing, etc...)

So please, when you and your family decide it is time to bring in a furry family member, consider those animals that don't find homes quite as easily.

Amy Serjeant
Ketchikan, AK

Received May 16, 2007 - Published May 16, 2007

About: "Ketchikan resident for 13.5 years; animal lover for 23."



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