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Turning the Private Sector Loose
By Charlotte Tanner


May 15, 2007
Tuesday AM

The private sector has been turned loose, ever since Reagan's "Great Society" trickle down years, of the '80's, and I would like everyone to ask themselves (excepting the billionaires of course) whether they have benefitted? I used to have health insurance, I no longer can afford it. I used to be able to take myself, my kids, and my car from Petersburg to Seattle, by Marine Ferry, I no longer can afford it. The list of things I used to be able to do and no longer can afford is almost endless.... It has been my observation that contrary to competing, "the private sector" gets together at cocktail parties, and "price fixes". Just my humble opinion of course.

Charlotte Tanner
Louisville, KY

Received May 14, 2007 - Published May 15, 2007

About: " Resident of Alaska since 1968, currently serving as an Americorps Volunteer in Louisville, Ky, for a year."


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