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Debris In the Sea (and elsewhere)
By Carol Baines


May 15, 2007
Tuesday AM

"A vast swath of the Pacific, twice the size of Texas, is full of a plastic stew that is entering the food chain. Scientists say these toxins are causing obesity, infertility...and worse."
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I've noticed something for quite some time now. I've seen several discarded bicycles in Ketchikan Creek. It seems some people, probably kids, think Ketchikan Creek is a depository for unwanted bicycles. Why ruin a picturesque part of town with refuse?

As for plastics, it's definitely a problem. We don't want our great Alaskan fish and other sea animals to get sick and/or become extinct. When I go shopping, I put two or three used plastic bags in my pocket or handbag. I reuse plastic containers that something else originally came in when empty, or coffee cans for storing staples such as rice, beans, flour, cereal, sugar, etc. They can be decorated and labeled, and you save money by not having to buy special containers for food.

I've combined a trip to the beach with "beachcombing" for plastic and other debris. (You'd be surprised how many bags of trash fill the garbage containers afterward.) You can also find little treasures like sea shells and pieces of colored glass that have been pounded by the sea into interesting and pretty objects to use for art projects.

I know these are just small things to do, but we have to start somewhere, right? If more of us do it, it would start to make a difference. Let's honor Mother Earth on Mother's Day and every day afterwards.

Carol Baines
Ketchikan, AK

Received May 13, 2007 - Published May 15, 2007

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