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Mr. Carl Webb's apology
By Charles Edwardson


May 09, 2007
Wednesday PM

Mr. Webb, like the rest of the school board, is in a thankless position. They all put themselves in the line of fire of public scrutiny and are under a great deal of pressure for all of our benefit.

They are in hours of meetings and constantly protecting themselves and answering to the public. This sort of pressure can wear a person down.

Mr. Webb showed a lapse in judgment and acted irresponsibly, but unlike many of us he owned up to his lapse of judgment and apologized and accepted responsibility for his actions. He did not try to justify his actions, or rationalize his thought process. He did not do anything dishonest. Quite the contrary he probably made a very honest gesture we all understand. A gesture many of us who may have had a very tough day on occasion, might feel like making several times a day to many different people for many different reasons. Usually we fight the urge but not always (I definitely could not cast the first stone).

Mr Webb just forgot for a regrettable moment the magnitude of his position and for a fleeting moment expressed himself inappropriately at the wrong time.

But he did not lie, cheat, or steal, or participate in questionable closed door meetings, or group up privately with one or two of his constituents to organize a flip you off coupe de ta , he did not even try to shrug it off as a misunderstanding. He simply accepted his action as wrong and will learn from it I am sure. I would appreciate any one else on the school board who might have possibly showed a lapse of judgment recently to swallow their pride also and own up to it as Mr Webb has.

This is only my opinion and not a sermon on ethics. Opinions are like... any way everyone has one and this is mine.

I support Mr Webb and will support him again.

Charles Edwardson
Ketchikan, AK

Received May 09, 2007 - Published May 09, 2007

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