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Signal Creek Campground
By Robert Gustafson


May 07, 2007
Monday PM

The last couple weeks my family has used the Signal Creek Area for day use and some camping. We were appalled at the lack of maintenance the U.S. Forest Service has provided after opening up that camp ground area. The outhouses had human feces in them among other items. No toilet paper in others. Some of the other day use Outhouses were locked. I noticed people had used the picnic areas for outhouses. I think there my be a few health risks involved in those areas. I also noticed people had taken axes to numerous trees and objects there also. Trash, beer and booze bottles....the list goes on. Why would the U.S.F.S. be allowed to represent the community of Ketchikan this way? I have noticed a few out of State vehicles and RV's there. I wonder what they thought about the experience of camping at a Forest Service campground in Ketchikan? We also saw a dirt bike riding around the campground road and an atv that were unlicensed. Why isn't the Law Enforcement out there cracking down on these law breakers? I know I sure liked hearing the off-road vehicles buzzing aroud the campground. Why doesn't the campground get cleaned up?

I love taking my kids camping and using the Ward Lake area, we even left the camping spot in better shape then when we got there. We spent 2 hours just picking up the trash and even brought a rake. If the Forest service is too poor to do this why don't they ask for local help? I'm sure there would be enough people who would be happy to make a difference out there.

One other thing I noticed is some of the campers were camping for free stating that " We didn't pay and if they don't show up we won't have to". Wow!!!! Anybody that does read this letter please carry in and carry out if you use the day use areas. If you use the campground leave it better than you found it, there are trash cans provided. There is a toilet seat to sit on in the outhouses. There are a ton of other people who enjoy this recreation area. Dont ruin this recreation area for those of us who enjoy it.

Robert Gustafson
Ketchikan, AK

Received May 07, 2007 - Published May 07, 2007

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