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Conan for School Board
By Ken Lewis


May 07, 2007
Monday PM

The reasons I forgive Ketchikan School Board Member Carl Webb for his momentary lapse are:

He is a large fella that can beat me up!
He did apologize!
He is the only board member in history to suggest that board members be random drug tested! Since they (the Board) expect Freshman-Seniors to do the same for throwing, hitting, kicking, catching or chasing a sphere.
He is non prototypical of the cookie cutter board member, and of course I celebrate diversity.
He has lasted a whole lot longer than I would have, due to my tolerance of grown ups.
He was from a generation of students that did not get paddled, otherwise he would have done it under the desk, like we used to. We were taught those basics.

Free Carl, Drug Test Hollywood.

Ken Lewis
Ketchikan, AK

Received May 07, 2007 - Published May 07, 2007

About: "Thankful to the teachers that swatted half the Cool Hand Luke out of me! I was a No Child Left without a Behind."



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