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School board conduct
By Eugene Martin


May 04, 2007

So we have gone on for weeks here about the school board and its conduct. First we have Carl Webb giving the bird to a public citizen. Was this right? No it wasn't, but Carl being the man he is admitted to his wrong doing and accepted responsibility for his actions. Does his apology make his actions ok? To some yes, to some no. So we are making a big stink about the actions of Carl Webb and the birdie.

Let's look at the alleged felony actions of of another school board member. This Ketchikan School Board member was sent a letter by the borough manager which was made public regarding his six months of free use at the recreation center. In my eyes this is theft of services. Any other adult in the community would be charged with Alaska Statute 11.46.130(a) THEFT IN THE SECOND DEGREE- Class C FELONY
(1) The value of property or services stolen is $500 dollars or more, but less than $25,000.

So is this role model behavior? It sure isn't the role model behavior I want my kids around. This Ketchikan School Board Member still has not apologized for his actions, nor has there been any actions taken by the board. So they are going to censure Carl Webb and do nothing about the alleged felony actions of this other board member. Seems the board still has its own personal agenda.

Eugene Martin
Ketchikan, AK

Received May 04, 2007 - Published May 04, 2007

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