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Response to headline: "Hospital fires temporary doctor"
By Patrick Branco, Lorrie Mortensen and Kate Vikstrom


May 04, 2007

In response to the Ketchikan Daily News headline: Hospital fires temporary doctor:

The headline is inaccurate in that the hospital cannot fire someone who is not our employee. Doctor Sellner is the employee of a temporary agency; his contract with KGH was ended early. In such a case the agency prefers to communicate with their employee rather than have the hospital do so.

First and foremost, Ketchikan General Hospital makes staffing decisions based on safety and the quality of care for our patients. Though personnel information must remain confidential, the public can be assured that patient care and safety is the primary motivation for the staffing decisions we make.

In addition, when we are contacted by reporters and asked for personnel information, and we respond that we cannot give personnel information, that is not the same as saying we do not know that information.

A plan to cover all OB/Gyn patient needs was in place by the time Dr. Sellner left. That plan has been functioning well, with each person who is a part of the plan stepping up to the plate whenever needed.

Patrick Branco, CEO
Lorrie Mortensen, VP Patient Care
Kate Vikstrom, Community Relations Specialist

Received May 04, 2007 - Published May 04, 2007

About: "KGH/PeaceHealth employees: Chief Executive Officer, Vice President for Patient Care, and Community Relations Specialist"


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