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By A.M.Johnson


May 04, 2007


A-aaaaa Yes, Ketchikan Underground. Now there is a site for adults to review for a clear picture of what Ketchikan youth is about.

Mr. Mirsky directs us to read comments on this site. For all of our enjoyment I refer you to one such typical post. Truly masterful.

I need to clear something up

If Mr. Mirsky is offering this site as a moral compass for the community youth, I venture to state he is somewhat off course.

What an embarrassing and insulting site reflecting Ketchikan youth.


Ketchikan, AK

Received May 04, 2007 - Published May 04, 2007

About: " Senior citizen who has come to the conclusion the outrage has become such a predictable response to any difference of opinion that it's lost its heat. When everything is outrageous, nothing is."



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