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Ethics and Professionalism vs. Apology
By Ralph Mirsky


May 03, 2007
Thursday PM

Regarding Mr. Webb's apology letter, dated Monday April 30, 2007 that dealt with his totally inappropriate and inexcusable behavior towards Myra Zelensky at the April 25, 2007 Ketchikan School Board meeting, Mrs. Zelensky was making a statement at the podium that apparently was contrary to Mr. Webb's opinion regarding the recall petitions being circulated i.e.; Choc Shafer and Karen Ekes and the firing of former school Superintendent, Harry Martin. Mr. Webb. for whatever his reason, chose to blatantly without regard to his position and in front of all present, including students, school administrators, the media and the television camera made a direct and blatant obscene gesture with a middle finger at Mrs. Zelensky during her statement.

In light of Mr. Webb's statement directed at the residents of Ketchikan at the March school board meeting that dealt with Mr. Martins' firing where Mr. Webb challenged those that feared making statements to step forward and to get a back bone, stating that this is America and no one should fear intimidation or reprisal for stepping forward to speak their mind. This recent arrogant, immature gutter behavior on the part of Mr. Webb is inexcusable and this type of behavior by Mr. Webb cannot be excused by an apology. The bottom line is that he got out there with his blatant gesture and got busted. There was no denying what he did nor what he meant by the gesture and to now step forward and apologize is very much like a child getting busted for inappropriate behavior and then saying don't punish me, I'm sorry, I won't do it again.

And speaking of children, what does this type of behavior by a community leader tell the children and students of our school district? For a bit of an answer, read the comments on, the comments by these kids pretty much sum it all up.

Mr. Webb, I personally voted for you, and to my chagrin I now know that I was wrong to do so. Our children deserve ethical role models in the form of our community leaders especially from our school board members. You sir by bringing your gutter gesture to a public forum brings rise to the epitome of unethical and unprofessional behavior on the part of a public figure and you sir should immediately resign your position on the school board or be fired. You Mr. Webb, are by no means a role model for my children.


Ralph Mirsky
Ketchikan, AK

Received May 01, 2007 - Published May 03, 2007

About: "Ketchikan resident, ten years. Small business owner and parent."


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