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North Tongass Volunteer Fire Department Opens New Fire Station #8


May 07, 2006

Ketchikan, Alaska - If you have driven by the construction site for North Tongass Volunteer Fire Department's fire station #8 you might have seen trucks parked near the intersection. According to NTVFD Fire Chief Dave Hull, as of April 20th three rigs were moved from their former location at 12.5 mile North Tongass Highway to the new station 8 location at 13110 North Tongass Highway.

jpg Fire Station #8

NTVFD's New Fire Station #8
Photograph By Chief Dave Hull

Hull said, "North Tongass Volunteer Fire Department is now officially in both of their new stations." NTVFD's other new station is located at 12.5 mile North Tongass. Regarding station #8 Hull said, "There is a lot of construction yet to do but thanks to Chuck Pool of Pool Engineering we are able to house our Tanker-8, Engine-8 and Medic-8 during the night time hours. During the day time when work is underway inside the building the rigs are moved to the bottom of the driveway and backed in each night."

Hull asks that everyone please note the new location. Chief Hull said, "The North Tongass residents know well that dark stretch of road just north of the Guard Island Lookout." He said, "Thanks to Ketchikan Public Utilities a street light has been installed and will soon light up the intersection and the tanker loading area." Hull said, "Signs have also been placed at both stations to remind motorists that fire stations are near by. Plans call for the signs to flash yellow lights when calls are in progress."

jpg tankers

NTVFD Fire Station #8 at 13110 North Tongass Highway
Photograph By Chief Dave Hull

Chief Hull said this is a big step for North Tongass Volunteer Fire Department and one that was not taken lightly. "With the sale of the pulp mill property, we have lost our training area," said Hull. "Station 8 will have an interior training area if funds stay in this year's legislative budget. A $700,000 appropriation request to build a replacement outside training area at Station 8 did not pass the Senate and is fighting a steep uphill battle in the House, he said. Chief Hull said, "We are still crossing our fingers, however. We are very grateful to our local legislators, Representative Jim Elkins and Senator Bert Stedman for their efforts in Juneau on our behalf. North Tongass Volunteer Fire Department (NTVFD) will receive a new ambulance this month thanks to the Code Blue project that both supported."

jpg Watch for fire engines...

Watch for fire engines, tankers and ambulances will be coming
down the hill at 13110 North Tongass Highway...
Photograph by Chief Dave Hull

Chief Hull stressed, "So, please be aware that fire engines, tankers and ambulances will be coming down the hill at 13110 NTH from now on." He said, "We will also be filling our tankers at Station 8 during emergencies from the new 22,000 gallon water system that was installed. We used this on Easter for the fire on Carlton Road. It was a much closer run than the pulp mill."

"Safety is our top priority, for everyone. Please drive carefully in those areas," said Chief Hull.

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