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Exempting Alaska from Daylight Saving Time


May 02, 2006

Alaska Lieutenant Governor Loren Leman announced Moday he certified an application for an initiative entitled, "An act providing that this state exempts itself and all of its political subdivisions from advanced time, also known as daylight saving time, whenever daylight saving time is observed in each calendar year," designated 06 DAYS by the Division of Elections.

The initiative's prime sponsors are Lynn C. Willis, Joann Jackinsky and Robert G. Hall Jr.

Lt. Governor Leman made the decision to certify the application based on input from the Department of Law, and consultation with the Division of Elections. Initiative petitions are not "approved" or "disapproved" by the Lieutenant Governor, rather they are "certified" or "not certified." State law specifies criteria that must be met for an initiative to be certified.

The initiative must be filed within one year from the date notice is given that the petition booklets are ready for delivery (AS 15.45.140). The petition must be signed by qualified voters at least equal in number to 10 percent of those who voted in the last General Election, who are resident in at least three-fourths of the House districts of the State and who, in each of these House districts, are equal in number to at least seven percent of those who voted in the preceding General Election in the House district.

The number of signatures the group needs to gather is based on the 2004 General Election (6 AAC 25.240 (i)). At least 31,451 qualified voters from 30 election districts must sign the petition.



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