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Governor Signs Bills Relating to Date Rape Drugs,
Bootlegging in Rural Villages, and UA Investments


May 02, 2006

Alaska Governor Frank H. Murkowski on Monday signed into law three bills dealing with "date rape" drugs, bootlegging in dry villages, and allowing the University of Alaska to partner with private corporations building on university-generated research.

The first, HB 379, sponsored by Anchorage Representative Kevin Meyer (R), adds the compound GHB, also known as "liquid ecstasy" and "blue nitro," to the state's list of IA controlled substances. Medical use and industrial applications of GHB continue to be protected by the language in HB 379 and the state's existing controlled substances statutes. HB 379 takes effect in 90 days.



"Since GHB is easily added to a drink, is difficult to detect, leaves the system quickly and is very difficult for law enforcement to identify, it has become a popular 'date rape' drug," Murkowski said. "HB 379 will clean up our statutes and send a message that these compounds are unacceptable and dangerous."

SB 210, by North Pole Senator Gene Therriault (R), changes existing statutes to help law enforcement better protect communities that have chosen to limit the sale or possession of alcohol under local option laws. It clarifies, strengthens and brings uniformity to Alaska's alcohol and beverage control statutes to help fight the importation of alcohol into "dry" communities. Provisions allow for the seizure of property determined to have been purchased or obtained through the proceeds of illegal importation or sale of alcohol, and allow for the seizure of alcohol transported by common carrier in violation of current law. SB 210 takes effect in 90 days.

"This bill follows up on the recommendations made by the Alaska Rural Justice and Law Enforcement Commission in 2004, provides clarity and will assist law enforcement and local communities in their continued interdiction efforts in damp or dry areas of the state," Murkowski said.

HB 92, by Fairbanks Representative Mike Kelly (R), is intended to encourage new University investment in limited liability and nonprofit corporations resulting from research-generated intellectual property or companies created and managed on University lands. This would allow the University to participate with faculty members in start-up companies and with charitable organizations, such as research groups composed of other universities and the federal government that form 501c3 organizations.

HB 92 limits the liability of the University to the amount the University invests in the start up corporation. HB 92 takes effect in 90 days.

"This legislation will encourage the University of Alaska to more actively participate in diversifying Alaska's economy by investing in early-stage economic development activities, particularly those associated with University intellectual properties," Murkowski said. "It will provide an effective and appropriate way to stimulate economic development through the creation of spin-off corporations and will encourage faculty in a much more intensive manner than the University has been able to in the past. The ability to invest in businesses complimentary to UA research should help attract young companies to the state."


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