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Jackson Fire Relief Fund
By Pete Arntzen


May 31, 2006

It was brought to my attention yesterday that Tyler Jackson, has suffered something that all of us fear. His home was destroyed by fire, and along with it his personal belongings.

I have set up the Jackson Fire Relief Fund with the help of the Greater Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce, Wells Fargo of Ketchikan and hopefully Ketchikan CHARR, too (CHARR is yet to be finalized, though).

I hate to say it, (and Tyler would never, ever ask) but at this point there is an immediate need for currency and clothing, everything else is secondary. In an effort to make things as easy as possible for everyone, there will hopefully be an relief fund bank account open by about 10:00am (Alaska time) on Wednesday, May 30th. If you would like to donate funds, after this point you should be able to deposit funds at any Wells Fargo bank IN ANY STATE. Please use the title "JACKSON FIRE RELIEF FUND" and the ZIP code 99901 and they should be able to find the account.

Please e-mail me and let me know if you make a deposit, so I can maintain a proper list of all who contributed so you may be thanked, recognized and most of all appreciated. Anonymous donations will of course be accepted though.

Alternatively, you may send donations, (currency, clothing, a simple note of caring and concern) to:

Jackson Fire Relief Fund
P.O. Box 9036
Ketchikan, Alaska 99901

If you feel like helping out in any way through the donation of clothes, household items, or financial support please drop these off at the Ketchikan Visitors Center (Second Floor, Anna Mestas), or mail to Anna Mestas at:

Anna Mestas
PO Box 5135
Ketchikan, AK 99901

The address listed above for Anna is of course fine as well, and I am in contact with her almost daily. I can also pick up items in the late afternoon and evenings.

If you would like to send an e-mail of well wishes or concern, you may direct them to him through me at:

I can't speak directly about the case, but it is currently under investigation by both the KPD and KFD. As things progress and information becomes available, I will keep you all updated. This is a sad, sad day, and Tyler has lost everything- there is 0% recovery of any of his belongings (including the baseball card collection from our teenage years, his personal effects and family heirlooms and pictures).

I want to thank Anna for getting the ball rolling on this, and Travis for his kind words about my very dear friend.

This should hit the Wednesday edition of the Ketchikan Daily News (please look for it online if you get the online edition and you're not in town), and I will endeavor to get a write-up on Sitnews as well). Right now the main concern is getting Tyler clothed and fed so he can go on about his life. We have a great group of friends and a wonderful community in the people of Ketchikan here, and I know everyone will come through for a local hero.

I should also note that Tyler's mother Tina Singer is greatly affected by this as well, and while the damage she sustained is not nearly as great (they lived in adjoining domociles) she is without a home now too, and is in as just as much need as Tyler. The relief fund is designated to help her as well. Tina is a long-time Ketchikan resident, who chose to raise her family in this wonderful community.

We will start soliciting for donations from local businesses later this week, and items garnered from such will be used as auction and raffle items. We (well, Tyler's band, "Slate"- Evan Rowan, Ace Chenhall, and Shane Chamberlain) will be performing a benefit show/auction/raffle at and in conjunction with the First City Saloon at a date soon to be announced.

Anyone with information regarding this incident please contact the Ketchikan Police Department or call Crimestoppers of Ketchikan at 225-CLUE, which is 100% absolutely guaranteed to be anonymous).

Thanks to everyone who has been helping, and those who will be helping soon. We're especially gratefull for great organizations such as Ketchikan CHARR, The Greater Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce, and the owners of the First City Saloon.

Please forward this information far and wide to those who care, including your parents, bosses and employees.

Pete Arntzen
Ketchikan, Alaska 99901

P.S. Thanks again Travis Sharp and Anna Mestas.


About: Pete Arntzen is a born-and-raised (mostly) lifelong resident of Ketchikan.



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