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Contractors in Iraq
By William B. Boyce


May 29, 2006

To the Editor,

I was a UXO/EOD Tech, Contractor for USA Environmental while in Iraq. I was attacked by a Vehicular Suicide bomber in December 2004. After the attack I could not work at my job any more due to severe headaches. The blast from the attack knocked me unconscious. I was out for approximately 30 min.

Since arriving home, USAE, dropped all my benefits for myself and my family because they were not "required" to take care of people no longer working for them. I was dropped like a hot-potato.

I do have limited coverage through the insurance company, but nothing for my family and I if we or I have any injury not related to the attack of the VBIED.

My family has had no insurance since January of 05, and we have just recently applied to our state welfare system, and I am applying for Social Security benefits. I am 48, not wanting to be a burden to my State and Country, but I see no other recourse to help my family.

I hurt, physically every day since the attack. My family hurts every day as well. The emotional trauma that I feel, the physical pain, it is as very debilitating, but the insurance (AIG) battles me for any support I ask of them.

I am depressed because of my lack of being able to work (EOD-UXO) and my family suffers with me. I'm not certain if I will be able to save my marriage as well.

This accident, this job in Iraq has cost me more than I could ever have imagined.

I pray to God every day to aid me in my recovery, and to aid those other civilians who do not have the backing of their Government and or their insurance companies.

William B. Boyce
Sunapee NH - USA

About: William B. Boyce served as a civilian contractor in Iraq until injured during a suicide bomber attack as an unexploded ordnance/explosive ordnance disposal technician.



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