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RE: Balancing Patriots and Privacy
By Glen Thompson


May 30, 2006

Response to comment by Mark Beatty, GOP candidate for US Senate, HI:

"A criminal or terrorist investigator should have access to records that another agency of the government already has."

This is a dangerous sentiment and one I TOTALLY disagree with.

We live in an open society governed by the rule of constitutional law. Compliance with law and governmental edict is through the consent of the governed. Government must have a SPECIFIC reason for collection of information on citizens. Surveillance, search/seizure, and dossiers must be limited in scope and purpose. Warrants must be issued by the judiciary to authorize them.

If the people no longer believe that the government will follow constitutional guidelines, the rule of law that creates order in our republic becomes meaningless. Without it, we have civil unrest, chaos and dissent, if not civil war.

We don't need Big Brother, let's observe the 4th Amendment before we worry about the 7th Amendment, remember Miranda? Oh, and there's always the 2nd Amendment to fall back on!

Glen Thompson
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Glen Thompson describes himself as a, "Local gad-about and wannabe politician."


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