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Burning fuel
By Robert McRoberts


May 26, 2006

Thursday the House passed the go ahead on ANWAR. oil drilling. Well I always knew when we really needed it we would go get it. But I think the oil companies have raised the price to make every one think we need to open ANWAR now - and it's working.

Just where is the planning for our future? It looks to me as the big oil boys just want it now - the fast buck. Let's sell it all now. Who cares about what our children will do in years ahead. The wheels of the earth may change to running on other fuels, but they will still need lube oils to keep thing turning.

I do not like the high price of oil, it's taking away some of the easiness of life. But if high prices are the only way to get us all to be less dependent on the stuff, it needs to be done and we must adapt to it. Thursday night I was cruising the town on my bike as I am trying to do more often. I met up with a friend who had just gotten off of a 12 hr shift and still pedaled her bike home - a six mile trip one way. We all need to drive less. I know we can not all just bike or bus as we need to haul things with us. But if we try harder we can lose our big butts. and possible live a heather life. That is if we do not get run over trying to get around this not very bike friendly town.

But back to the topic. Are we going to try to use up our oil now just so the big oil boys can keep reaping in the big profits? Or are we going to realize there will be nothing left some day? We will lose our revenue when it's all gone. Our government well not put the money away for when we're out. Oh, but we do not care about the future just the monies. Well gotta go burn up my bit of fuel for today.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan AK - USA

About: Robert McRoberts is a long time resident of Ketchikan.


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