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Minutemen are good Americans
By Mike Isaac


May 26, 2006

Ms. Atkinson's comments about the Minutemen are packed with so much hate and lies that I thought I was reading comments made by Mecha, La Raza or some other hate group from UC Riverside or East LA. However I can tell that you are not a hateful person, you are just a victim of the lies told to you by the liberal media. Try watching Lou Dobbs on CNN or check out Mark Williams on KDWN 720 AM on the Internet from 8-10PM AK time M-F.

The Minutemen are good Americans from every walk of life and from just about every race or National origin. And yes they all get background checks and many are former Police or County Sheriff. They are not a bunch of red necks from Southern California and Arizona that is what Mr. Bush and company would like you to believe. Bush and the US Senate do not give a dam about the illegals; they only see these people as Human Capital. That is what FTAA (free trade agreement of the Americas) calls for: The free flow of human capital across borders in the western hemisphere. Bush and the Senate support the FTAA.

Jim Gilcrest the founder of the Minute Men is a good person that is just trying to save America from the invasion. I only wish he would run for president, he would have no problem winning California's 56 electoral votes along with a few other western states. Jim would fix what is broken in this country in his first term.

Mike Isaac
Crestline, CA - USA

About: Former long time Ketchikan resident


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