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Aerial Genocide on Long Island, Alaska
By Robert A. Sanderson Jr.


May 24 2006

Thanks to Klukwan Inc. an act of genocide will be taking place in the State of Alaska on Long Island with the use of herbicides/pesticides, highly toxic cancer causing chemicals.

In the name of greed, Klukwan board of directors has chosen a path of ill will. They are opposing their own people's wishes not to spray. Who is in charge in Klukwan? Is it the board of directors or the shareholders? I say the shareholders. Where is your voice?

There must be some immediate financial gain for this unthinkable crime to happen, poisoning a place that has been used for subsistence by both Tlingit and Haida people for centuries. I have family buried in the village of Howcan. How would you feel if this happened to your families' grave sites?

To the board of directors, you are also desecrating ancient burial sites of both Tlingit and Haida people.

I ask you, how are you able to look at yourself in the mirror, knowing you are poisoning not only our lands but present & future generations? Is there some dark force pushing Klukwan towards this? Money is both good and evil; I say you are choosing the side of evil. $$$

Forestry management has been effective in Alaska for almost a century without the use of poisons.

To the shareholders of Klukwan, Inc, you are directly responsible for letting the board of directors of Klukwan Inc. open Pandora s Box. The public will remember you as the sponsor s of this ill fated plan. I believe Klukwan Inc. is just a pawn of the State of Alaska for bigger plans.

To the Department of Conservation and the State of Alaska, Shame on you for allowing Klukwan, Inc. to commit this venomous act of genocide.

People in Southeast Alaska already have the highest rate of cancer without your assistance. What do you want to do; poison the rest of us? Shame on you. Are you willing to watch our families die from your thoughtless decision?

This treacherous act is opposed by numerous organizations including medical, tribal and fishing communities. I will guarantee you that if spraying in the State of Alaska is allowed, people will look elsewhere to buy salmon. Prices will plummet. This will be welcome news to the farmed fish industry that will benefit hugely. Good for them, bad for us.

There have been no tests done on this issue. Do you know the real truth? I don t think so. Anything that can kill an alder tree can kill anything. Yes, I understand this is your property, but do you really think this poison will stay only on your property? Wake up!

To the people opposing this hideous plan, thank you for speaking up and helping us try to stop this plan. There are many people who will not just sit by and allow this to happen.

I support Hydaburg Mayor Morrison's comment that the Klukwan, Inc board of directors needs to get off their asses and hire people to do the job of cutting down the alder trees.

In closing, I would like to say this has been a personal nightmare. Something I would never wish upon the board of directors of Klukwan, Inc. Shareholders, speak up! You hold the cards.


Robert A. Sanderson Jr.
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Rob Sanderson Jr. is a lifelong resident of Southeast Alaska and a subsistence user.

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