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Homeland security?
By Ken Lewis


May 23 2006

I recently watched 5 Federal Government Employee/Homeland Security Agents in a very expensive looking vessel, detain and thoroughly check all documentation of one local man in a 16 foot Lund Skiff. At the same time a Coyote is bringing in Foreign Nationals across an out of control USA/Mexico border. This is what is meant by September tenth mentality. If we increase the homeland security budget by two times, it only insures ten agents will detain a man in an open skiff 2000 miles from the Mexican border is all. Boy that will keep Osama off Sunset Drive.

I was the only guy that spoke English at my first real (Car Wash) job in Southern California. I quit because I was the only guy paying State and Federal taxes on pay day. The next time you hear the mantra of jobs Americans will not do what they are saying is: Americans not willing to take home less money than foreigners who invaded our country. I am not confused about that in the least. But heck, this type of hypocrisy saved the Yuppies a dollar getting their Mercedes Benz washed. September 10th mentality cannot be justified by a Kennedy, Bush or modern day Masta that loves employees afraid to ask for OT after 40 hours a week. No-comprendo my backside. I comprendo, due to my real life experiences south and north of that border, after handing out food and clothing to the poor in that country off the beaten track, my American friends and I had automatic weapons pointed at us by Mexican Federal Soldiers, We do not want your kind in our country the larger one said. Want to understand that country? Do not go to Cabo, Cancun or any other service area created for your vacation experience. Try living in a tent with the folk in a Card Board shanty village, now that's a cultural experience. Those folks are great, their government sucks.

If we as a Nation get control of our border, and a legal migrant program was established, it will be the relatives of the Mexican Government Body (like the Federallies with automatics) that will be fast tracked or the ones with payola, never fool yourself into thinking some dreams will come true for those in a cardboard village, because the Mexican Government does not give a damn about its own poor people. I've seen it. Neither side of the political aisle has the backbone to fix our borders, and political correctness, plus fear of the Latino vote on this issue is nothing more than Americide as far as Homeland security goes. Watch for this Buzz word never to be used by the nightly news.

Ken Lewis
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Ken Lewis writes, " Long time resident, but after surfing Punta De Baha for twenty years."




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