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Don't Spray on Long Island
By Frances C. Natkong


May 23 2006

I know I sound like a broken record but this situation is very serious, read on...

I extended an invitation to Klukwan's Board of Directors to come and stay on Long Island if and when they are allowed to spray, bring your family, friends, pets, etc. and now I would like to invite the Alaska Dept. of Environmental Conservation, Kurt Fredriksson and all State officials who are for the spraying to join the Directors from Klukwan to stay on Long Island if and when the spraying of poison takes place and prove to us there will be no harm done to the environment, plants, animals, sealife, and humans. Like my grandson says, "I double dare you!" You don't ever, ever defecate where you eat, at least we here in Hydaburg practice that rule. You are doing just that by spraying poison on Long Island. I m sure you've heard the expression When the tide is out, the table is set. This has been our subsistence grounds for hundreds of years and you move down here and poison our land ..NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! We would not do that to you and your subsistence lands why would you do that to us? Klukwan's CEO and President Tom Crandall would not even comment on Native American Call in yesterday, May 22, 2006. Why? What is it they have to hide? Is it because they know we are right and they are wrong? I think so. By the way not one of Sealaska's incumbents bothered to contact me about the spraying so needless to say I didn't vote for anyone but for quorum only. Haw'aa.

Frances C. Natkong
Hydaburg, AK - USA

About: Life long resident of Hydaburg and very concerned about the environment.




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