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Good to be home...
By Archie Inoncillo


May 23 2006

First of all, I want to congratulate the 2006 Kayhi and Revilla graduates. I'm glad they made it this far. The only direction is forward.

I just recently returned to a very beautiful Ketchikan last Monday, and it was probably one of the best feelings to be back after a long and difficult second semester at college.

It's been a very long time since I've posted on Sitnews, but I'm glad to see a lot of younger people posting up on here because it shows that at least young people are trying to let the other side (adults) see what they see in a sense.

I want to know, what is up with Schoenbar. Why has it taken so long to get it done? It's been three years at least since its remodeling. The only reason I'm asking is because I would like to see the middle school up and running again. Reason being-- I want young students such as my younger relatives to gain an experience of middle school. I think the middle school age is one (note I said one) of the most experiential moments in a young person's life-- not much of a child but not a teen just yet. It's actually psychologically one of the points of where spurts of growth and development happen, mentally and physically. I don't really need to elaborate much on middle school.

I also want to acknowledge the recent discussion about drugs and whatnot. I'm going back to an article that Catlin replied to Jerry. Catlin wrote

"I admit drugs cause a lot of problems, but making them illegal is not the answer and only causes more problems than the drugs ever did."

Drugs don't cause problems, but they make the existing problem more obvious. Making drugs illegal was never the answer, but it was a solution to slow down the process. The only problem it causes is that it makes people who ignorantly support legalization bitter because others don't "see" what they see.

Let's take the light off of the illegal drugs and look at what is legal-- over the counter and prescription drugs. Advil to caffeine nyquil to oxycontin and vicodin. What about those who abuse these drugs? Where are their rights to use/abuse these drugs? Why is the abuse of these any lesser? As I recall from certain high school examples, that some of those drugs can "eff" you up quite a bit as well.

Though alcohol is legal to those above 21 does that mean it's right to abuse that sort of privilege? It's not a right. No one has the right to drink. It's an option. So when you're 21 does that make it okay to get completely smashed everyday? I'm sure you all would say No because it isn't.

Ketchikan has a drug problem, an underage drinking problem as well. How do we at least cut it down? What happened to ADFY? (I already know, but I wonder if others do)

I see so much potential in young people here. There are so many great people who've grown up and out of this beautiful city.

Don't get me wrong, I am totally in support of people making their own mistakes because undoubtedly that's probably the most effective way to learn something.

Catlin-- My suggestion, get out of Ketchikan, live a worst case scenario kind of life where you are "exercising" control of drug use. Tell me what it's like to go to fraternity parties every weekend and see a drunk guy rape one of your female friends. Let me know if doing drugs "recreationally" is really a lesser offense.

Despite that, it's good to be home...

Archie Inoncillo
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Archie Inoncillo writes he's a "19 year old college student back for the summer. Been around the block once or twice."


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