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RE: New Guest Worker Program No Substitute For Cracking Down
By David Levin


May 20 2006

Mike Harpold, in his piece in Viewpoints entitled "New Guest Worker Program No Substitute For Cracking Down" is right on the mark except in one important point. He states that today's "invasion" by illegal aliens is so immense, that it "it is not likely that anything like the Bracero program could be duplicated today." This is patently untrue. A true "Guest Worker" plan COULD be devised embracing the Bracero Program and could apply ANYWHERE in our society--in the fields where farmworkers toil, in restaurants, hotels, nursing homes and the thousands of other areas of the society that illegals are ensconsed. The only thing lacking is THE WILL TO DO IT, AND ENFORCE IT! Naturally, Special Order 40, 41 and every other "sanctuary policy" developed by cities across America would have to be done away with. As Mr. Harpold states, current Federal laws against businesses hiring illegal aliens will have to be emforced. And, along with all of this, INTERIOR ENFORCEMENT--not the piddly "enforcement" now being enacted and ballyhooed by ICE/DHS--is THE critical component for the millions who will not under any circumstances voluntarily self-deport.

The U.S. Senate is operating under the illusion that giving amnesty to 23-plus million illegal aliens (see Daneen G. Peterson's piece) is good for the country and is what the People want. They couldn't be more wrong! There will be no "immigration legislation" this year, because the House of Representatives (which is closer to the People than either the Senate or the President) won't allow it to get through their deliberative body. The next, crucial step is for the People of America to throw out of office all pro-amnesty Congressman, Senators, state legislators, governors and local officials who are up for re-election in November. Keeping the House of Representatives decidedly anti-amnesty is key to keeping amnesty for millions of illegals from ever becoming law. We can worry about 2008 later. Right now, supporting the House in its HR4437 Bill and the defeat of the current Senate Amnesty Bill being debated are key.

David Levin
Menlo Park, CA - USA

About: David Levin writes he is a "long-time anti-illegal immigration proponent, David Levin has studied this issue using common sense and with first-hand experience, having worked alongside many illegal aliens (principally from Mexico) in many restaurants, hotels and country clubs in Southern and Northern California since 1973."

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