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Life really is easy
By Greg Harris


May 18 2006

Wow, I think Sitnews has found themselves a contributing reporter in Catlin Rettke, excuse any spelling error Catlin. And for 19 years of age, he has the experience and know how of an 80 year old. From abortion to asphalt plants to drugs, just ask Catlin, hey maybe that could be a new website buddy! Just ask Catlin!

Seriously, though it appears that people spend way too much time cruising the web looking to espouse their views as opposed to actually getting off their asses and actually doing something. As a 44 year old, I can still remember my grandfather saying the country is going to hell with the younger generation (mine). I think he was right! The problem though was, and is, that it was his and my parents generation that are running this country into the hell hole it has become. But alas, breathe deep, relax with comfort that the generation Xer's attentive at their modems and monitors have so many answers for the complex questions that have eluded generations before them.

Wow, life really is easy. Thanks Catlin!

Greg Harris
Springfield, OR - USA

About: Greg Harris spent 20 years in Alaska, 14 of which were in Ketchikan.



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