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Illegal Immigration
By Charles Mayer


May 18 2006

I just finished reading another comment on SitNews about illegal immigration and thought I would respond. To much of the older generation who have never received public assistance of any kind, it makes us wonder who is in control of the USA. My great grandparents immigrated legally before the turn of the century, and lived a good honest life taking care of themselves, never asking for handouts. Their church and neighbors helped them in time of need. Now we're hearing of the rights of the migrants. To me, these rights - i.e. medical, education, public assistance - need to be earned by applying for citizenship just as our forefathers did. With rights come responsibilities.

One more thing. Illegal immigration has driven down the wages we earn in the USA, and has raised taxes because of all the public assistance programs. There's no simple answer but something needs to be done, and any small step is a start.

Charles Mayer
san antonio, TX - USA

About: Charles Mayer is a senior citizen and has been in the pawnshop industry most of his adult life. He writes, "Working with people all my life, I have learned about many positions and political views.


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