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Democrats need to call for more than revenge
By Lucille Moyer


May 13, 2006

Editor, SITNews

Mr. Thomasson's diatribe on what the Democrats should do, other than impeach George W. Bush and Dick Cheney for violating their oaths of office to uphold the laws and treaties of this nation is a childishly transparent, overused and tired Republican strategy of diverting the public's attention and energy by shaming the accusers, trying to make them the perpetrators rather than the defenders of this nation and its laws, and making their actions the issue, rather than Bush's crimes or the grounds for impeachment. Bush's incessant and now well-known and blatant lying to the American People about his long established plans to attack Iraq, lying to the United Nations, blackmailing dependent nations and actually illegally attacking a nation that neither had WMDs or intended to attack the U.S., murdering over 2,000 American soldiers with their lies, in order to mass murder over 100,000 Iraqi HUMAN BEINGS , not counting Afghanis, to steal their oil and control their part of the world, far exceeds the standards for impeachment ESTABLISHED BY THE REPUBLICANS, THEMSELVES, WHEN THEY IMPEACHED CLINTON FOR LYING ABOUT SEX.

Bush is committing mass murder, war crimes and fraud daily under color of authority. I wonder how police in this country view Bush getting away with this when they would be crucified for the same crimes.

By attempting to obstruct or simply delay justice with this diversion, Thomasson is himself complicit in the continuing blood bath. Bush, Cheney and this administration's continual violations of our supposedly sacrosanct constitution, war crimes of illegal war-for-profit, which is mass murder, their war crimes and crimes against humanity of tortures, including gang rape of Iraqi women by U.S. and British troops, and renditions to torture, looting America to conduct a war that profits the few elite, are proven AND ILLEGAL. THEY HAVE COMMITTED HIGH TREASON by outing a CIA agent, not only putting Valerie Plame Wilson in danger, but effectively killing a critical covert operation tracking WMDs and possibly getting unknown operatives killed. It is no surprise that they wanted to turn over our ports to a country that shelters and helps finance terrorists. How could any person in this country not ask WHY??!! We can't know what's going on in their heads, but we can bet that this addiction to money and power has far exceeded greed and arrived at the clinical definition of insanity. We saw that when Bush, at the moment they were about to corner and capture Osama Bin Laden, who's family financed Bush's first and failed oil mis-adventure, diverted our troops to Iraq. WHY???????

The Downing Street Memos are proof that they planned this war long before 9/11. It is proven that the Project for the New American Century's plan to dominate the world is the center of George W. Bush's foreign policy. People like Wilkerson are coming out and telling the truth. Bush's diverting public resources from FEMA caused the death of over 1,000 innocent human beings during Hurricane Katrina and Rita!!! AND THE EVIDENCE IS BECOMING MORE PUBLIC ABOUT THEIR DIRECT INVOLVEMENT IN 9/11... WHICH WILL BE THE MOST MASSIVE SHOCK THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THE WORLD WILL FEEL IN OUR LIFETIMES. Only the TRUTH can change the direction of this country and protect us.

Now, Bush's arrogant admission that he not only intentionally and without shame and compunction violated FISA laws with warrantless NSA spying, his statement of his intention to continue to violate the law, claiming executive order, and Fitzgerald's impending indictment of Rove, probably leading to Bush and Cheney, should spur law enforcement to immediately put Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Gonzalez and the rest of them in handcuffs and march them out of the White House so they can do no more damage while investigations are completed and impeachment and prosecution secured. They, including the Generals, should all be then sent to The Hague to answer to the world for their crimes. And Thomasson KNOWS IT.

How far will the world, read China and Russia, let this country go before they are fed up enough with Bush's assault on the world's people, (ATTACKING IRAN WILL DO IT!) their economies and our environment before they need to take us all out to stop Bush and U.S. long running aggression? Calling in our massive debt or placing a trade embargo on the U.S. could do it. Bombs could, too.

Thomasson should be ashamed of his trying to blame the Democrats. What he should be doing is berating the Democrats, Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean for their deceptive and light-handed tippy-toeing around impeachment with tricky and deceptive parsing of words! What Democrats SHOULD do is stop all other business in the House and Senate until the Republicans begin impeachment investigations!

Thomasson and the Republicans should take a deep breath and admit that the theft of two elections to appoint these madmen to the highest offices in the world was a huge, huge mistake, even for right wing criminals, who are now seeing the error of their ways -- because they are themselves, and their progeny, now in grave danger. No one will escape the destruction.

Lucille Moyer
San Jose, CA 95118

About: Lucille Moyer resides in California and, determined to get the truth after 9/11, became active in opposing Bush's attack on Iraq and determined to expose the lies leading up to it.

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