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No to legalization
By Starr Small


May 11, 2006
Thursday PM

As a former drug addict, I can speak from experience that you don't realize when you're falling into the world of drugs and that you're becoming addicted until it's already happened. Once you're there, the choice to say no is gone. Being so "well versed" on it, doesn't mean anything until you've been in that position. There is no such thing as a "responsible drug user" because the drugs you refer to are irresponsible in themselves. It is impossible to control yourself once the drugs have changed you, and things that seemed completely irrational when you were sober, are a great idea, once you've taken those drugs.

Catlin, have you ever used any of the drugs you're talking about in your letters? If you haven't, and you've obviously never suffered from addiction, even if you've used the drugs, you shouldn't speak so much of something you know so little about. Seeing someone do a drug and having the experience yourself is a whole seperate world. You have no idea if that person continues to do the drug while you're gone, or how close they are to actually being addicted. They can promise themselves every day that "Today will be my last" or "I'm finally done with it" and as soon as it's available, it becomes "This is the last time" and it starts another vicious cycle.

From personal experience, I can say I made those promises to myself time and again. Every day was my last and every line was going to be the final one. You can only continue like that before you're completely burned out and you've hit rock bottom. You've lost everyone you were close to, and the people you are close to now, you can't trust and you cannot turn to for help, because they're in the same situation, and haven't realized the problem. It's really hard to admit you have a problem, and you need help, for many reasons. Whether it's being afraid of getting in trouble or spending time in rehab, or the way people's opinions will change when they find out what's going on with you.

Coming off a drug hurts. It hurts so bad that it's better to stay on it. Everytime you're ready to come off, that feeling kicks in, and it seems a better idea to not quit using. Drugs are a powerful thing. They take over your brain, your personality, your everything. I nearly lost the most important person in my life because of drugs.

Legalizing these drugs would do no more than make it available to a wider range of people, a wider range of victims for these drugs to get hold of. No age limit or restriction could stop the damage these do to you, and the pain they cause everyone around you. And even after you've quit using, they continue to affect you, and many people that spend so long abusing drugs, never fully recover from the affects they have on their brain and body. It's hard to be happy again, you're unable to remember entire chunks of your days, your life.

Legalizing these drugs would be wrong, more people would be using, and it only takes several times to become addicted if you make it past the first.

Starr Small
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Resident of Ketchikan speaking from personal experience.


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