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ALS Advocacy Day and Public Policy Conference
By Linda (Teal) Kreider


May 11, 2006
Thursday PM

I have been invited to attend the 2006 National ALS Advocacy Day and Public Policy Conference in Washington DC May 15-17, 2006. I feel like I received a call that I won the lottery after receiving this call last Friday! I still cannot believe I am going to speak in DC!! I do believe in "one person can make a difference". I will be speaking with our Senators Ted Stevens and Lisa Murkowski on Wednesday May 17.

My father was recently diagnosed with ALS, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease. This disease is a very progressive, debilitating disease. Our family as well as others in our community has had the most frustrating time with in getting medical assistance for my father's care. The physicians and Ketchikan General Hospital, New Horizons and their staffs have provided outstanding care for my father. Because he is on Medicare, there are limits of what type of bed, wheelchair etc are "allowed". It is because of these types of problems that I am going to DC to speak from personal experience of what families go through when a member in the family is "diagnosed".

There is not a definitive diagnosis for ALS; it is a process of other tests to confirm that there is not another disease with similar symptoms. More research is needed to find out the cause of this disease in order for treatment and cure of ALS. At this time there is neither treatment nor cure; just to make the patient comfortable.

If any one in the community has any issues relating to ALS that they would like me to bring up while I am in DC, please contact me at ketchikangirl[AT] or call me 907-617- 2513.

I want to publicly thank my employer, Alaska Airlines and my fellow co-workers for the support and encouragement to attend the Conference in DC.

I hope to get a Chapter and support group for Alaska, and because I live here in Ketchikan, it will be started here!

Thank you for your support and prayers.

Linda (Teal) Kreider
Ketchikan AK - USA


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