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My experience at Revilla
By James Llanos Jr.


May 11, 2006
Thursday PM

I am a former student of Revilla and was on pace to graduate with about a A- Average and a year early. I decided to drop out for other personal reasons at the time and later graduated by GED.

My experience at Revilla I feel was much better than going to K-Hi, it worked for me in many ways. My opinion is the parents are right, I as a student was treated differently than normal students of K-Hi. My classmates up to that point shunned me, adults that I knew looked at me differently and did not talk to me the same. I as a former student wish I had a prom or was told or invited, I wish I got to walk with my former classmates. I do not even get called about class reunions and it does sadden me at times. I do not regret anything because my past makes me who I am today. I would however backup and confirm other parents opinions on how students are treated. For current students who do not want to walk down the aisle with K-Hi students and assist in ways with the separation I would tell you to think twice because you may be ok with it now but you may also regret down the line.

James Llanos Jr.
Sitka, AK - USA

About: Former resident of Ketchikan.


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