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By Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas


May 10, 2006

First the salute to a nicely written piece of colonial history by June Allen.

All the important bits lined up and accounted for.

Proclaiming itself to answer "Why" the short essay is neatly stacked so as to convey the feeling of well researched historical summary.

Sadly June Allen's tidy synopsis is primarily notable for the striking absence of any note ,comment, acknowledgement or slightest tip of the hat to the reality of Indigenous Peoples such as Haida, Tsmishian Nisgaa and even Tlingiit, all who have pre existing and arguably still have existing boundaries.

Are we erased along with our boundaries?

Is there no value in acknowledging the living communities who have experienced the greatest losses as a result of how the bandits split the loot?

Writer June Allen maintains the same sad tradition that a reality ignored is a reality denied. For this reason her piece has missed the potential of a well written examination of the history of the Alaska Canada border dispute.

Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas
Klinkwan "in" Alaska and Dadens "in" Canada
Vancouver BC

About: Haida


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