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By Robert J. Ransom, Jr.


May 07, 2006

Dear Editor: The taxpayers of Alaska deserve a real tax break! Can you imagine no more federal income taxes or April 15th deadline? Can real tax reforms actually happen?

You bet they can! Just think of government keeping hands off your investment income! No more taxes on interest, dividends and capital gains. In fact, no more payroll tax, individual income tax, Social Security tax, Medicare tax, alternative minimum tax, estate tax, gift tax, self-employment tax, and corporate and business income tax. It is called the Fair Tax Bill (H.R.25 & S.25), a broadly supported legislation now before both houses of congress. Questions can be answered by visiting Also, "The FairTax Book" is available at local bookstores. I urge taxpayers to write their congressman and senators requesting their support for the Fair Tax Bill. It takes real people-power to get congress to act making the Fair Tax Bill a federal law and a reality!

Robert J. Ransom, Jr., ChFC
Petaluma, CA USA

About: Robert J. Ransom, Jr., is a Chartered Financial Consultant (Retired)



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