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Propaganda from British Petroleum
By Mike Moyer


May 07, 2006

The recent bombardment of propaganda from British Petroleum is making me and all other Alaskans ill. Give us a break. We are not children. We know you want our gas and oil. Well we want your money. Stop talking down to us. We have Alaskan children that require you to pay for their oil. No amount of your scare tactics will circumvent the reality of this issue. You want to do business in our state then pay for the right to do so. We aren't going to give our resources away so you can live in luxury while we row out to pick our crab pots because we can't afford the gas your took from us to run an outboard motor. Forget that governor fellow, he's acting alone and has overstepped his bounds. Any legislators that side with him now can expect to be job hunting by the next election.

Mike Moyer
Ketchikan, AK - USA

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