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Back when "Dance Halls" were being built
By Alan R. McGillvray


May 07, 2006

If you are one of the fortunate few left here, who remembers dancing at the teen dances at the Elk's Club, you danced on a constructed dance floor. Back when "Dance Halls" were being built, they were designed to spring with beat of the dancers.

One (if not dancing) could watch motion waves move across the floor; I had seen this, and I asked my father, Don McGillvray, about the phenomenon, and he told me the dance floor had been built that way, to enable dancers to dance better.

I do know that dancing there was very enjoyable, and I've hardly ever seen another.

Alan R. McGillvray
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Alan R. McGillvray writes, "I have lived in Ketchikan off and on since 1946. I attended White Cliff Elementary, and Main School in the 1950s, and graduated Kayhi in 1963."



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