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Wasteful and Reckless Spending
By Robert D. Warner


May 05, 2006

It is beginning to look like the current session of the Alaska Legislature will go down as the most wasteful and reckless in the history of the State. While there have been many warnings that increased revenues from current high oil prices should be saved to cover future budget shortfalls, most have been ignored. Most of the additional money will be spent today and gone tomorrow!

Information and justifications for this spending spree are difficult to understand because there has been so much secrecy during this session of the Legislature. In addition, many citizens are confused and discouraged because the Legislature refuses to take aggressive approaches to increasing taxes on oil corporations. These are the same corporations that are largely responsible for high fuel prices we have to pay.

We cannot, however, blame the oil industry for all of these spending issues. Why does the current Legislature want major budget increases for schools and the university without clear understandings of how the money will be spent? Does throwing money at education solve the problems of our schools or just cover them up? Why is there funding for "bridges to nowhere" when these schemes resulted in a national outrage? The list goes on and on.

Will these same legislators who are pushing this wasteful spending be back shortly pressing for a dreaded state income tax? I certainly hope not!

Robert D. Warner
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Ketchikan resident since 1972 and retired UAS faculty.


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