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By Susan Allen Wall


May 04, 2006

I want to make one thing very clear, my father, John D. Allen, NEVER, EVER has not cared about an animal, ANY ANIMAL. He bought his first horse when he was 9 years old, he lived almost another 70 years, owning, loving, caring and respecting horses. When asked by Animal Protection to bring sick horses out to his corral, he was happy he had a place the horses could come to. The horses were never forced to stand without exercise or shelter .. The use of the word forced sounds too close to accusing not only my father of abuse but Animal Protection as well and I don't think anyone really wants to go down that road with me. And I am sorry my dad had a stroke and was unable to stand around listening to people whining about the sad state the horses were in, when my dad was the ONLY person who had the room to even house the horses. Plus, there were no complaints recorded concerning the horses until after my dad was hospitalized from the stroke.

Heroes?? Well two come to mind, Terry Richardson and Eugene Martin. They researched a feed diet for the horses, contacted a number of people with histories of horse care and a horse care expert in Colorado to make sure the feed was what the horses needed. Terry and Eugene feed the horses every night and on the weekends, they contacted the Second Chance rescue ranch asking if they would take the horses. Things were looking better for the horses to be transported to the rescue ranch until someone made calls telling the people at the ranch to get the kill shot ready because the horses would not survive the trip. It was these calls, which I consider "scare tactics" that made the rescue ranch hesitant to take the horses. However two veterinarians, who are both educated and experienced in large animal veterinary care, examined the horses and were confident the horses would survive the trip. Well, eventually Terry and Eugene were able to do what needed to be done and the horsesdid get to the rescue ranch, but only after making every effort on their parts to convince the rescue ranch the horses would survive and truly needed to be on the ranch. If Mr. Blackwell was of help, bless his heart for doing so. All I know, is what I know, and my Dad, Eugene Martin and Terry Richardson saved those horses.

Susan Allen Wall
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Susan Allen Wall writes, "I was living next door to my father during this time."


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