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Oily Mess
By Robert McRoberts


May 03, 2006

What do we really know about the oil coming from the North Slope? Just what are we getting for the oil in the first place? I feel we should be getting half the going rate per barrel right off the top. Then who owns the pipeline? We should get a cut for that also. I do not like the word tax. But are we getting a fair cut? Why can we not be told what is really going on? If the oil companies are making such big profits just what are they paying in income tax? I am sure if I won a lottery of 6 million I would end up paying 3 million in taxes. If this is not the same for them we have a real problem. After all, exhaust from the burned oil is killing the world is it not?

This gets me to my next concern. If our natural gas is so valuable, the ones who want it so badly should pay for a natural gas line not us. We can rent them the land it travels on. But do we even trust Canada to protect the pipe line? After all, is it not easy for terrorist to get into their country and blow up the pipe line, it's all gone. But blow up the train, the next one will be along in a few hours. And what's Canada's cut? It's all a cost to us. We got it, you want it, you pay for it. I have said this before, sell the gas and ship it in rail cars. It can then be marketed in many more states at the lower cost. Then we could be sending other materials out by this railroad. But I know something like this makes too much sense.

We need to start getting the most out of our resources. Stop round log export. Tax out of state fishermen and sea food workers. Same deal - become a resident or get taxed. And now I am slipping into reform. Take the dividend and turn it in to heath care for all Alaskans living here for five years or born here. Then there is no discrimination between races, we all make Alaska what it is. Oh, but what do I know?

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan AK - USA

About: Long time resident of Ketchikan.


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